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So the first one I actually post here is going to be something other than what I had planned. It's sort of drabble-ish, but just a bit too long to be one.

Title: Cute
Characters: Japan, Vietnam, and N. Italy at the beginning.
Summary: An infection of the Italian disease leads to the word "cute" being said and...misunderstood
Notes: Fic based on a conversation in the Crackbox er...Chatbox of the RP Forum where I play Japan. I had to adapt the beginning a bit, because it started from something OOC. So if we seem a bit...that's why. As far as the fic goes, just blame it on the disease known as Italian. Also, I use the human names in this, which I don't use in my fic otherwise. A lot of people should know already that Feliciano = N. Italy and Kiku = Japan, but also for this Trang = Vietnam, as that is the name she uses on the forum. Speaking of which, all credit for Vietnam's adorable lines goes to Trang, because I only really altered the punctuation. *bows down to Trang's cuteness*



Looking back on it, Kiku wasn’t really sure quite how it had happened. But, regardless of the original circumstance, Trang somehow ended up tickling Feliciano, with Kiku looking on.

“N-Noooooo,” The Italian cried as he flailed.

Trang flashed a devious smile and continued her tickling barrage. “Fancy joining, Kiku?” she asked.

“Hmm…” In the pause the other Asian took to think before answering, Feliciano starting another, “N-Noooo” and continued flailing under Trang’s hands.

“I always find it a little unfair for me to tickle people…” Kiku started.

“oooo” the vowel sound continued coming from Feliciano.

“Because I’m not ticklish.”


“So they can’t get me back…unfair,” he finally finished, the extended “ooo” finishing at about the same time.

Trang then took out some feathers. …Where had she gotten them? That itself was somewhat amusing. “Here!” she exclaimed, handing one to Kiku. “Think about that later, Kiku, it’s a waste not to tickle ticklish people.”

Kiku took the feather from her, amused. There was an odd, relaxed atmosphere permeating the room. Perhaps it had originated in the Italian and simply spread outwards, infecting the Asians with an absurd sense of glee.

“Well…if you’re sure…” Kiku said as a devious smile also took root on his face. Then he reached out and tickled Trang.

“Eek!” she cried out and jumped backward, away from Kiku and her feathery gift. Kiku laughed.

Feliciano took the opportunity to escape from Trang and yawned. “I might go take a siesta…” he told them.

After they had said their goodbyes, and the Italian had left, Trang made a face that might have been sadness, or perhaps just a bit of disappointment.

“Aww…no more tickling…” she complained.

Kiku smiled at her. “…We could tickle you some more…” he teased.

Trang backed away from him again. “Y-Y-You…. I-I-I-I….” she stammered.

Kiku laughed again. Her reaction was priceless. He didn’t know what strange European mental disease was affecting him to make him enjoy this, but he was.

She blushed bright red. “W-W-What are you laughing at?”

“You, you silly.”

The blush spreading over Trang’s face burned brighter.

The teasing continued, “You are the one that said that it was okay for me, as a non-ticklish person to tickle ticklish people…ne?” He continued smiling at her.

“B-B-But I didn’t mean that you should…bully a lil’ girl like that!” she complained. And then she pouted. Adorably.

Little? They were about the same size. Kiku laughed at bit, and then caught a glance at her face. “Trang…” He sighed, and then proceeded to say the most dangerous thing that the mental disease had made him say thus far. “You’re too cute.”


Trang just stood there, stunned. She had been just about to say that Kiku was being mean, but her mind was locked by his sudden comment. …Cute? He had called her cute? Did that mean…? She had no idea what to say, and just blinked at him, silent.

“…Trang?” her name just barely registered. “…Are you okay?”

Could he possibly have meant what she was thinking he meant? Her silent blinking continued.

“…Trang-san?” This time he waved his hand in front of her face, and she snapped out of it a bit, enough to realize what she was just doing.

“Ah, no, no, I’m fine, I’m fine!” she exclaimed, and then added, “Ah, I mean yes.”

Kiku eyed her with a skeptical look and asked, “Are you sure?”

“Y-Yes, I’m fine, really fine!” Trang tried to assure him and nodded her head. Repeatedly.

Kiku was silent for a bit, his eyebrows knitted together. What did that mean? Had she offended him? Had she…?

“D-Did I say something wrong?” she asked him nervously, and started biting her nails.

“No…” he responded, and tilted his head a bit, his expression opening up again. “It’s just you seem to be acting suddenly…odd?”

“O-Odd?” Trang blinked some more, her mind not really offering much in the way of help right now.

Kiku looked to the side before returning to her again. “…Did I say anything wrong?”

“Ah, No! No! You didn’t say anything wrong!” she told him quickly. “Yes, nothing wrong…” She then paused a bit, reflecting on what she had just said. “Ah. No, I mean. No, no! You didn’t say anything wrong!” She flailed.

Kiku was the one to blink at her this time. “Trang-san…calm down…” he said evenly. After a moment he added, “I won’t tickle you if it bothers you that much…”

It took her mind a moment to catch up. “C-Calm? Ah no, no! I’m ok, really!” she stipulated once more before continuing, “Nono no it’s not about tickling no, no really…”

“…Then what is it about?” Kiku asked her. “You are rambling…”

“Ra…? Wha…. No… I.........” And then she realized. She realized several things, actually. The first was that Kiku was right about how she was talking. It was amazing if she had made any kind of sense…. The second was that she was probably reading something into this that she shouldn’t be. Kiku wasn’t acting the way he should be if he had meant…that. It must be a misunderstanding. Even if he had called her cute, it must have meant something different to him. Just a compliment, nothing more…certainly not a love confession….


“Hmm?” If only he could figure out what Trang was going on about…

“I’m sorry!” she bowed, apologizing. “I d-didn’t mean to…”

“No, it’s nothing you have to apologize for!” he told her, and bowed back. Of course, if he could actually find out what it was…. “But...” He thought about it, turning back the conversation they had just had in his mind. What had been said when she started…?

Oh. Oh no. Cute. He’d called her cute. That’s what set this off. There was a potential of her taking that very seriously, and the way she was acting…

He felt his cheeks heat up.

Trang was standing there, fidgeting with her leaf hat, blushing. Kiku supposed that now his cheeks must look a rather similar shade. She stole some occasional glances at him as they both just stood there, blushing like mad.

“Ano…” Kiku tried speaking, but didn’t know what to say to her. He needed to tell her that it was all a misunderstanding. That he hadn’t meant anything by it really. But he was finding it rather impossible. Countless years of ingrained practice of telling people ‘no’ so that it sort of seemed like he was saying yes, and absolutely no experience in rejecting people in a straight forward manner. A little child could probably handle it better than him right now.

So he just looked away from her, completely red-faced and embarrassed.


So she had thought maybe it was a misunderstanding, but perhaps she was wrong about that, actually? He hadn’t been acting in a manner that fit with it before, but his reactions now definitely fit with those of someone who had accidentally confessed.

Trang hid half of her face behind her hat and looked up at Kiku, waiting for him to say something.

“Ano…Trang-san…etto…” he started to say something, “…etto…”

Trang waited. Kiku’s mouth opened again, but no sound came out of it.

Yes, his behavior definitely fit now…


Oh, what should he do? What should he do? Kiku went through the options he could think of, and none of them sounded good. What should he say?

They were locked in a seemingly endless awkward silence.

So awkward. And he was so very embarrassed.

…Maybe an earthquake might strike and interrupt them.

…That might be nice…




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