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Okay, so I don't know if I'll ever get back to these and I have an ao3 now if I really wanted, but I'm not putting these fic up on there, so I would like them to stay here.


So the first one I actually post here is going to be something other than what I had planned. It's sort of drabble-ish, but just a bit too long to be one.

Title: Cute
Characters: Japan, Vietnam, and N. Italy at the beginning.
Summary: An infection of the Italian disease leads to the word "cute" being said and...misunderstood
Notes: Fic based on a conversation in the Crackbox er...Chatbox of the RP Forum where I play Japan. I had to adapt the beginning a bit, because it started from something OOC. So if we seem a bit...that's why. As far as the fic goes, just blame it on the disease known as Italian. Also, I use the human names in this, which I don't use in my fic otherwise. A lot of people should know already that Feliciano = N. Italy and Kiku = Japan, but also for this Trang = Vietnam, as that is the name she uses on the forum. Speaking of which, all credit for Vietnam's adorable lines goes to Trang, because I only really altered the punctuation. *bows down to Trang's cuteness*

He sighed, and then proceeded to say the most dangerous thing that the mental disease had made him say thus far. “You’re too cute.”Collapse )

Currently Working On:

Entry last edited on 10/30/10

Title: Brothers
Characters: America, England, Scotland (+Canada is discussed)
What it is: one-shot (unless it might have a sort-of sequel - maybe - depending)
Status: half-way finished Finished, will post maybe later...the narration is rather weak, not my best

Title: What Do You Want America? (tentative title - but I've been thinking about this one for a month and haven't come up with anything better)
Characters: Japan, America, England : England, America, Japan : England, Japan, America : America, England, Japan : order doesn't matter
What it is: multi-chapter fic for damn sure.
Status: big ol' plot bunny. It's been living in my head for a least a month and wants to come out. Started writing chapter one.

Title: British America
Characters: Whole bunch of them, depending on the fic, see what it is below. Mostly America and England, and probably a decent bit of Canada bits of a bunch of others, though
What it is: multi-fic alternate history AU
Status: even bigger plot bunny, also requiring a lot of research that I'm doing. I'm mostly motivated by wanting to do something with what my encyclopedia calls the American Continental flag, that was deemed inappropriate after July 4, 1776, but not actually replaced until July 14, 1777 (I believe that was the date - recalling from memory right now). I have a special place in my heart for nearly forgotten historical things. But instead of doing a canon history fic, I decide to be a freak. Because that's what inspires me.


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